Education and best medicine practice are constantly changing. The world requires more doctors with trained skills of monitoring and treating. With this view the International Medical Faculty Osh State University was established.
The Faculty now has two Departments:

1 – The Department of Fundametal Theories Disciplines
2 – The Department of Clinical Disciplines

The Department of Fundametal Theories Disciplines includes essential subjects as Anatomy, Pathologic Anatomy, Normal Anatomy of Splanchnology and angiology, Clinical Anatomy, Topographic Anatomy and Operational Surgery, Biology, Bioorganic Chemistry and Medical Chemistry, Physics, Human Embriology, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Histology and Cytology and other various basic sciences which are used in the practice of a doctor. The Head of the Department is Nishanov Malik Alimovich.

The Department of Clinical Disciplines include the subjects which are of value to the higher years′ students, as Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Infant infectious Diseases, Psycology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Policlinical medicine, Palliative Medicine, Public Health, Medical Genetics, General Surgery and others. The Head of the Clinical Disciplines Department is Mamatova Sabira Murzaevna.