• Assuring the quality support of the modern education process through a competency-based program.
  • Combination of education, science and culture into the global educative space.
  • Development of moral, cultural and universal values in youth.
  • Foundation highly qualified employees, capable of their intellectual potential to ensure the economic, social and political improvement of the state.
  • Being the top ranked University in Central Asia and Eurasian region.

Osh State University offers MD International Medical Faculty in a variety of active learning environments. This program is prepared according to the medical system of European universities, which facilitates our students to migrate during and year of course of getting a
job in any part of Europe upon completion.
International Medical Faculty aims to teach medical education for students entirely in English Language. So the selection of faculty has been made based on highly English speaking doctors from Kyrgyzstan and as well as different countries, that meet the students’ educational requirements.

There are 6 departments at International Medical Faculty:
Department of Clinical Disciplines N1, Department of Clinical Disciplines N2, Department of Morphological Disciplines, Department of Public Health, Department of Social-Humanitarian Disciplines and Department of Natural Sciences and Maths. More than 2 000 students successfully studying at IMF and more than 100 teachers- assistants, associate professors, and professors participate in the educational process.